Exploding E-Cig TV Commercial

In recent weeks, American television channels have been flooded by attorney commercials about exploding electronic cigarettes. Many of these commercials place the blame for these devastating accidents on defective lithium-ion batteries, which are often cheaply-made and used in e-cigs without any fail-safe mechanisms to ensure user safety. The manufacturers of these defective batteries, the commercials continue, may be liable for a consumer’s injuries.

What E-Cig Explosion Commercials Are Saying

It’s all true. E-cigarettes, or vaporizers, are blowing up, and many of these explosions are being caused by poorly-manufactured, unsafe lithium-ion batteries. But some retailers may also be accountable to victims, both for selling defective batteries, assembling unsafe e-cig “starter kits” and failing to warn their customers of known risk factors. Consumers who have been injured in these accidents may be entitled to file product liability lawsuits, in order to pursue necessary financial compensation and hold negligent parties accountable to the public.

Mechanical Mod Vaporizer

Our experienced product liability attorneys don’t make TV commercials. But we have been instrumental in leading this developing litigation, a series of individually-filed personal injury lawsuits against manufacturers and retailers, many of whom appear to have no regard for public safety.

Today, the lawyers at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman are investigating e-cigarette explosions across the country. Although our firm is based in New York, we’ve begun accepting new cases nationwide. We’re offering free legal consultations to anyone interested in learning about their legal options. Just call or fill out our contact form to the right for more information.

Partner Marc Freund, Esq., a litigator with almost 10 years of trial experience, has been selected to lead our efforts on this issue. He is already representing multiple clients who sustained severe injuries after an electronic cigarette unexpectedly exploded. To learn more about Marc’s experience and accomplishments, click here.

Vapers Need Better Safety Checks. That Might Mean Lawsuits.

The federal government has struggled to control the growth of the vaporizer industry, which has grown quickly to a $3 billion business in little more than nine years. Thankfully, the challenges that once stood in the way of federal regulation have now fallen away. In May 2016, the US Food & Drug Administration announced that it had gained the authority to review and approve electronic cigarettes, a change that will see e-cig and many battery manufacturers undergo rigorous safety testing.

But for now, serious safety concerns remain largely unanswered, with scientists across the world investigating the health consequences of long-term vaping. Defective devices, as we’ve seen in the recent spate of electronic cigarette explosions, are another primary concern.

Vapers shouldn’t have to accept poorly-made products, especially ones that can cause serious injuries. Thanks to America’s strong consumer protection laws, they don’t have to. Manufacturers who produce defective e-cig batteries, and retailers who sell them without adequate warning, can be held accountable. We think they should be.