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New York City Accident Report: March 7, 2018

One drawback to living in a megacity like New York is the risk of being seriously injured or killed due to the negligence of others. Every day, too many families go through traumatic experiences that could have been prevented if their neighbors had been more careful. Our accident report for March 7, 2018, looks at some recent examples of these tragedies.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a preventable accident, our New York City personal injury lawyers want to help you get justice. While we can’t turn back the clock, we can make sure you get the financial support you need and that the individuals responsible for your accident are held accountable.

Two Children Killed, Two Adults Injured After Driver Runs Red Light In Brooklyn

A toddler and infant were killed in a tragic car accident in Brooklyn on Monday, March 5. The driver ran through a red light at a street corner at Ninth St. and Fifth Ave., striking a four-year-old and 1-year-old who were with their mothers. One of the mothers was also pregnant and critically injured in the accident. Both women are now listed in stable condition.

The mothers, their two children, and a fifth victim were all rushed to New York-Presbyterian Methodist Brooklyn Hospital for treatment, but the children’s injuries were too severe and they passed away.

The driver attempted to flee the scene but her car crashed into several other vehicles on Ninth St. and was eventually stopped by witnesses. Her vehicle had been cited four other times in the last two years for running red lights. She had also been cited for speeding in school zones four times in the past two years.

1 Killed, 1 Injured By Falling Fire Escape Debris In SoHo

One man was killed and a woman was critically injured after a piece of a fire escape fell from a building in SoHo on Friday, February 16. The accident happened at 434 Broadway at Howard Street at around 1:40 p.m. Both the 58-year-old man and 24-year-old woman were brought to Bellevue Hospital with life-threatening injuries, where the man passed away from his.

According to fire officials, the building was undergoing an inspection when the accident occurred. The building inspector was standing on the fire escape when a step loosened and the 150-pound piece plummeted to the street below. The inspector refused medical assistance.

The Department of Buildings issued a violation for failure to safeguard the building.

Young Girl Suffers Head Injuries After Being Struck By Falling Wood From Construction Site

An 8-year-old girl suffered serious head injuries, including a large gash and concussion, after a piece of wood fell from a construction site in Queens on Sunday, February 25. The girl was leaving her family’s apartment with her parents when the piece of plywood fell from the construction site and struck her in the head.

Her father says he had asked the construction workers to stop working several times while his family passed below, but that they refused.

The girl was treated at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan for the gash and concussion. She is expected to fully recover.

The Department of Buildings is investigating the accident and had issued three previous violations to the property for failure to safeguard the site and performing unpermitted work. A full stop-work order was also issued to the site.

Woman Sues NYC For $200 Million After Being Critically Injured By Falling Tree In Central Park

Lawyers representing a woman who suffered critical injuries after a tree fell on her and her three children in Central Park last summer have announced that they are filing a $200 million lawsuit against New York City, the Central Park Conservancy, and others.

The mother was rendered unconscious and she and her three children were all trapped under the tree. A group of witnesses banded together and rescued the family.

Within 24 hours of the accident, city parks experts said that a rotten root system was beneath the pavement and lead to the collapse.

The woman is at risk of becoming permanently paralyzed due to her injuries.