bowl of japanese ramen

Our NYC Personal Injury Lawyers’ 5 Favorite Greenwich Village Restaurants

New York City has one of the most legendary culinary scenes on the planet, with a range of options covering just about every country on the planet, along with specific regions within those countries. This city is also known for having some of the best food in the world, as the intense competition among restaurateurs here forces you to consistently provide delectable cuisine if you want to stay in business. Our New York City personal injury lawyers love trying new places here and returning to old favorites. Some of our favorite places to dine in Greenwich Village include:


Karakatta has only been opened for a few weeks but has quickly garnered a reputation for having some of the best ramen in Greenwich Village. You can also supplement your noodles with a variety of other Japanese favorites, include delicious Japanese fried chicken, dumplings, salads, and more. This restaurant is owned by the same people as Mr. Taka, also in NYC, but this place specializes in spicy ramen. While there are milder options on the menu, you might want to make sure everyone in your dining party is okay with a little kick before you come here.


Amélie is a very popular and trendy French Wine bar in Greenwich Village. We recommend making a reservation, especially if you’re planning a weekend visit. The service is excellent here, with attentive staff members who are all extremely knowledgeable about the wine they’re serving. Even if you’re no aficionado yourself, they’ll surely help you find something that you’ll like. While Amélie may be best known for their wine list, the food here is just as good. Some of our favorite dishes to pair with our wines here include:

  • Chioggia beet salad
  • Hudson Valley foie gras au torchon
  • Hand-cut Creekstone Farm beef tartare
  • Prince Edward Island mussels
  • Pan-roasted Idaho brook trout
  • Hudson Valley duck leg confit

Le Sia

One of the best aspects of life in New York City is the way cultures from different parts of the world work together to create the unique melting pot of American culture. In our opinion, the culinary scene showcases these combinations better than any other venue. Le Sia is a great example of this, which combines Cajun and Creole cuisine with Chinese food for some seriously flavorful dishes.

We recommend checking out the following items on the Le Sia menu:

  • Kimchi & lime crawfish
  • Crawfish skewers
  • Mr. Peanut and Mrs. Edamame
  • Chinese style salad
  • Heron with Enoki mushroom
  • Dried tofu with green pepper

Top Thai Greenwich

New York City has hundreds of Thai restaurants to choose from, but Top Thai Greenwich is one of our favorites in Manhattan. They’re open from 10 am to 11 pm, and their lunch menu is one of the best bargains in the city, with entries going for just $10.

Thai food is some of the most diverse on the planet, with dishes spanning all types of flavors. Some of our favorites at Top Thai Greenwich include:

  • Pad Thai
  • Pad See Eew
  • Street Fried Rice
  • Green Curry
  • Beef Thin Noodle Soup
  • Crispy Chicken Over Rice With Soup


CAVA is a healthy fast food chain which specializes in Mediterranean food. This is one of our favorite places to grab a quick lunch for takeout or a simple and fast dinner after work when we’re too tired to cook. You can even order online and have your dish ready to go as soon as you arrive, saving you the time you’d have to wait in line at other fast-casual restaurants.

Some of our favorite items on the current winter seasonal menu include:

  • Roasted tomato soup with Harissa
  • Seasonal roasted vegetables (parsnips, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash)
  • Raw beet + dill salad
  • Roasted red pepper hummus
  • Spicy lamb meatballs