woman at art gallery

Our NYC Personal Injury Lawyers’ Favorite Art Spaces In SoHo

New York City is legendary for its art scene – creatives from all over the world flock here to pursue their creative dreams. In our opinion, SoHo is the mecca of the art world here – featuring a wide variety of art galleries covering all types of genres. Our New York City personal injury lawyers love taking the time to appreciate the art in this neighborhood, while occasionally making purchases of our own. Some of our favorite art spaces in SoHo include:

Eden Fine Art

In a neighborhood full of impressive art spaces, Eden Fine Art really stands out from the pack. These fine art pieces come with astronomical price tags, but the gallery is still well-worth a visit just to get up close and personal with these stunning sculptures and paintings. Many of the pieces here are examples of pop art, such as life-size figures of each member of the Beatles, Superman sculptures, and murals of popular cartoon characters. You could easily burn a few hours here looking through the five floors of high-end artwork.


AFA is a two-floor gallery showcasing a variety of contemporary artwork, with rotating exhibitions. These pieces, while pricey, are generally more affordable than the pieces you’d find at galleries like Eden Fine Art. Currently on display here is:

The Art of Tech

The Art of Tech is an exhibition in collaboration with Tech in Motion and running until March 25th. It features pieces by Taezoo Park and artist duo Victoria Manganiello and Julian Goldman, which explore how contemporary art and technology intersect.

Taezoo Park’s Digital Being showcases mixed-media installations created with pieces of broken and discarded electronics.

Manganiello and Goldman’s Computer 1.0  is an interactive art installation using large woven textiles built from traditional yarn and clear polymer tubing.

Franklin Bowles Galleries

The Franklin Bowles Galleries have locations in both San Francisco and SoHo and feature works spanning several generations – from Picasso to new school street artists. It’s a great place to view pieces from legends of art history and discover new favorites.

Cantique Des Cantiques (Song of Songs) by Pierre Boncompain

On display in the New York gallery through March 2018, the Song of Songs exhibition features artwork by Pierre Boncompain which was named after and inspired by one of the most significant books of the Hebrew Bible. This book includes poems and songs which celebrate romantic love and is attributed to King Solomon the Wise. Originally, there were 74 paintings in this exhibition, but the catalog is shrinking as more pieces get sold. We highly recommend making at trip here before the exhibition wraps up at the end of the month.

Rotella Gallery

The Rotella Gallery exclusively features high-end photography pieces by fine-art photographer Robert Rotella. This place doesn’t have the snobby air of many other galleries – you’re free to wander through the two-floor gallery, whether you’re looking to buy or simply view these stunning pieces. Prices range from relatively affordable at $700 to high-end at $25,000. The collection is divided into the following four categories:

  • Florals
  • Waterfalls & Seascapes
  • Landscapes
  • Abstract

Pop International Galleries

Like the name suggests, Pop International Galleries offer collections of pop art and art derived from popular culture from throughout the globe. You’ll need at least a six-figure income to afford anything here, but the atmosphere is friendly, so you’re free to visit solely as an observer.

Some of the artists who currently have pieces on display here include:

  • Ole Ahlberg
  • Craig Allan
  • Robin Antar
  • Michael Babyak
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat
  • Roy Lichtenstein
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Romero Britto
  • Markus Pierson
  • Andy Warhol