nyc high line street view

Our NYC Personal Injury Lawyers Take In The Art Exhibitions On The High Line

One of the best parts of living and working in Manhattan is the wealth of new artistic and cultural experiences. It seems like there’s something new to experience every day. When our New York City personal injury lawyers are looking to view some unique outdoor art exhibitions, we like to take a walk along the High Line. Last weekend, we decided to visit again and were treated to several ambitious art displays. If you’re looking to take in some culture during your lunch break or at the end of your day, we recommend taking a stroll through the High Line and checking out some of our favorite exhibits:

Hop, Skip, Jump, And Fly: Escape From Gravity

This project is by American artist Sheila Hicks, who over the past 50 years has become a groundbreaking artist using fiber as her primary medium. Her High Line Commision piece makes use of the industrial elements that decorate the High Line, such as construction vehicles, mesh covering buildings and scaffolding, and hanging crane cables. This installation consists of twisting multi-colored tubes along the rails at the Western Rail Yards. An unexpected piece of vibrant art along the industrial landscape.

chess: relatives

Darren Bader is an artist known for funny yet thoughtful mixtures of sculpture and performance art. In his chess: relatives piece, visitors to the High Line are encouraged to participate in a live-action game of chess on a large-scale chessboard designed by the artist. Each visitor takes the place of a chess piece, and their positions are determined by their familial relationships to other participants.

The game requires 32 people to play, which can be done pretty easily as the park is usually full of visitors. You have the option to assemble your own teams using friends and family, or to reach out to strangers visiting the High Line. Two additional people will act as “players” of the live-action chess game.

On-site instructions make the game easy to learn. It’s definitely a fun way to blow off some steam with family or friends after work or on the weekend!


Mutations is an open-air group art exhibition featuring various artists. The overarching theme is an exploration of the relationship between man and nature and the boundaries between the natural world and culture. This exhibition poses some heavy questions related to the modern world: as technology becomes a bigger part of daily life and genetic engineering becomes a reality, how might the boundaries between nature and culture change?

This abstract display explores these questions with striking and absurd imagery. It may take some time to process the meanings behind some of these pieces, but it will definitely leave you thinking and reflecting long after you leave the High Line.

the floaters

Henry Taylor is an artist known for portraits of a wide range of people, from close friends and family to strangers to African-American celebrities. His most recent piece is a self-portrait mural at West 22nd St. The piece depicts Taylor and a friend in total relaxation in a swimming pool in Palm Springs. Bright, blocky colors perfectly capture the blissful feeling of the experience.

Video Narcissism

This video exhibition features works by Lex Brown, Xavier Cha, and Katrín Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir. Like its title suggests, this exhibition explores the inherent narcissism in video as a medium by drawing upon a variety of sources, including reality television and YouTube journals. The artists featured in this exhibition also speak directly into the camera. Another display that will leave you reflective and contemplative about how technology can change society.