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Why Our NYC Personal Injury Lawyers Love The Mysterious Bookshop

New York City is known as a global center of all types of culture. Musicians, chefs, artists, dancers, writers, and virtually all types of creatives flock here to be around like-minded people in an environment where their careers can grow. In TriBeCa, there are several gems of the cultural scene. One of the favorites among our staff of New York City personal injury lawyers is the Mysterious Bookshop. Since 1979, this historic store has been a favorite for fans of mystery fiction. Although the bookstore’s location moved from its original location on West 56th Street to a new store in TriBeCa in 2005, the tradition has carried on.

Crime Clubs

The Mysterious Bookshop makes it easy for mystery fiction lovers to receive signed first editions from some of their favorite authors through a variety of different “Crime Clubs.” There are seven of these clubs to choose from, and some of the best authors in the genre have their signed first editions sent out. These seven clubs include:

  • Crime Collectors’ Club
  • First Mystery Club
  • Hardboiled & Noir Club
  • Thriller & Espionage Club
  • Traditional & Historical Club
  • British Crime Collectors’ Club
  • Unclassifiable Club

Limited Editions

The Mysterious Bookshop is so popular among mystery enthusiasts mainly because of how many limited editions of important books in the genre they publish. They even publish their own Bibliomystery series of novellas about a murder related to book collecting. A variety of important mystery writers have contributed to the Bibliomystery series, including:

  • Ian Rankin
  • Joyce Carol Oates
  • Nelson DeMille

These limited editions are presented very nicely – bound with leather and with marble boards.

A Unique Mystery Experience

The Mysterious Bookshop is the world’s largest and oldest bookshop specializing in the mystery genre. For nearly 40 years, this shop has gained a reputation among mystery enthusiasts for being the mecca of their favorite genre. Any mystery enthusiast living or traveling in New York City must make a stop here. You’ll have the opportunity to pick up a signed first edition from one of your favorite authors, and if you go on the right day, you may even have the chance to meet some of them in person.

The selection here is unmatched – with floor to ceiling bookshelves covering the walls, filled with works from just about every mystery author you can think of. If you’re a bargain hunter, there’s also a cart outside of the store selling $2 books. The friendly staff is always available to help you choose your next read if you’re not sure what to pick, and there is a comfortable reading couch as well. We highly recommend a trip to the Mysterious Bookshop the next time you’re looking to pick up a new mystery novel.